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From our beautiful South Florida farmland, to industrial space vision, we are all about future developments and growth to utilize our soil.  We are here to provide you with opportunities for the future.  Have the vision?  We do, too.  We have the expertise and drive and persistence to service you so that you get what you want and are happy with it for the long term. Call us or email us today with your needs.

Discover the Perfect Development Location

Developmental Land

Explore Our Land Ready for Development in the Ft Pierce, Ocala and Gainesville Areas

Savanna View

Listing #380
Ft. Pierce, FL

Kings Commercial

Listing #385
$1.7 Million
Ft. Pierce, FL

North Port Lots

Listing #411
$15,000 PER LOT
Sarasota, FL

Grand Oaks

Listing #468B
50 Dry Lots $30,000/ea
Avon Park, FL

Rotunda West

Listing #506
Scattered lots. From $20,000/lot
Port Charlotte, FL

Transferrable Density Units

Listing #513
427 units available
$2.5 million
Port Charlotte, FL

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